Thoughts On Writing and Life

Writing is hard. It is the hardest thing that I have ever enjoyed. You hear stories of writers who have to become knee deep in alcohol to reach the depths that their writing demands of them. I haven’t gotten to that level, but that’s mainly because I’m not self-depravating. Or an alcoholic. I think I’m […]

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Post-It Note Erotica

The following flash fiction story was written entirely on post-it notes last year. This is the updated version.   *WARNING- For Mature Readers Only*   She caressed his body as she prepared to grope her destiny. She sighed in relief as his thickness increased. He lay catatonic, unable to move and barely breathing. ‘What madness […]

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The Minority Report

I have always been in the minority, of the people I know, when it comes to reading. I have been one of a few males and one of a handful of Black readers, especially when it comes to science fiction and fantasy literature. After watching the opening ceremonies of JordanCon 2017, it left a bittersweet […]

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10 Reasons Not to Be A Magician

Syfy’s magical adventure show has critics and audiences everywhere wondering how the wondrous world of magic could ever turn out to be such a killer. Most people either find the show addictive or polarizing. it’s like that moment you first discover sex. It creeps you out, but you *WARNING SOME SPOILERS AHEAD* Your roommate will […]

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